Every person
should be free
to be who
they want
We believe in self-determination by peaceful means and we defend the rule of law and human rights.
We want Europe to
be a home. A place where dignity and freedom cannot be negotiated away.
A society where women have power, and not
only over their
own bodies.

We have defended Rights and Freedoms by:

  • Taking the lead to stop the violation of fundamental rights and the rule of law in Hungary
  • Protecting your personal data through the GDPR
  • Integrating a gender perspective into all EU policies
  • Building a majority in favour of the relocation of 160,000 refugees
  • Securing half a million euros for cross-border investigative journalism projects

And we are still pushing for more:

  • A new “EU citizenship” granting the same rights to any individual living in the EU, regardless of nationality
  • EU legislation to end discrimination based on religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation
  • An EU immigration code to provide safe entry into Europe and avoid sexual exploitation, trafficking, and perilous journeys